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Getting Baptised

So you want to get Baptized? 


Congratulations! This is the beginning of a life of blessing and breakthrough, walking with God, no longer doing it alone.


What is Baptism?


Baptise basically just means to dunk in water (the Greek word “baptizo” did mean to “immerse.” & wash clean).

Baptism is a powerful symbolic act that we first see with John the baptist dunking people in the river Jordan. John was a prophet calling people to repent (turn back) from their sins and set themselves completely to live for God. The River Jordan was important because on one side was the wilderness - a place of wandering, lost in rebellion to God. The other side was the the promised land - a place of blessing God called his people to live in. In the same way baptism serves as a turning point for us, we see behind us the old life of wandering, lost and alone. We look ahead to a calling in God, a life ahead of promise, blessing and relationship. 


When we get baptised, we are turning away from the old life of rebelling against God, that life of choosing selfishness and sin. Instead we are committing ourselves to serving God & living a new life of obedience, righteosness and purity. Most of all, a new life of relationship with God. 


There are three important steps to Baptism:


  1. Repentance & Commitment

  2. Death & Ressurection

  3. Born again with Holy Spirit power.



In the video below I'll explain these a bit more.

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