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Eastside C3 Sermons

Eastside C3 Sermons


Sermon Series

Here is a list of sermon series we have done this past year. Click on the YouTube icon to be taken to a playlist in YouTube.

Welcome to classroom!

The heart of classroom is to give learners the tools to understand and interpret scripture. We look at history, culture and the world of the bible.

Classroom is about learning. It isn't a service, it's a class. But, learning about the bible and the world of the bible will no doubt benefit your devotional reading of scripture. 

We consider who wrote which books of the bible, we look at archeology, history, and other ancient religions that interacted with Israel. We read from scholars, we watch videos from experts, and we learn together.

Classroom is taught by me, Jacob Stanley, who is by no means an expert!

But, if you, like me are curious and are interested in learning, you can come on the Journey with me.



This Sermon series is all about our true Identity, and how we can find out what that is

holy spirit-1.jpg

The Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit? What does He do in our lives? What does he do in the bible?



What does Easter mean for us, all these years later?

vision & purpose.jpg

Vision & Purpose

What would it look like to live our lives with Purpose? Do I have a vision for my life? Does God have a purpose for me?

living generously.jpg

Living Generously

What does God want me to do with my money?


Fresh Start

What do I do with my regrets? How can I have a second chance? What does God want for my life?

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